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Aesthetic Medicine

אסתטיקה רפואית

Aesthetic Medicine

Time does its work, and most of us can see the effects of age in our facial features. Skin loss, fat loss in the ​​temple and eyebrow area, appearance of wrinkles and lines, reduced skin vitality, wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and other areas, and more.

Aesthetic medicine gives you a well-groomed look, smooth skin and a youthful appearance, enabling you, as is the current trend the world over, to retain your basic and natural face and body contours.

Among the most advanced treatments in the field of medical aesthetics, when it comes to facial stretching without surgery facial sculpting is an innovative and unique treatment combining medical expertise and art. Face sculpting gives you a fresh and youthful look radiating with vitality, improving overall facial contours while maintaining a natural appearance and maximizing results.

The secret to success is accurate, professional and reliable diagnosis, and a result that creates harmony between the patient’s anatomy and the ideal proportions we aspire to achieve.

The Herbert Samuel Medical Center offers you all the solutions in one place – professional and reliable diagnosis, innovative technologies and personal service and support, offering you a wide-range of aesthetic treatments including facial sculpting, fat injection, threads, skin booster, PRP and more. All treatments can be combined with advanced technologies in order to achieve the optimal results while still maintaining a natural look. This may not stop time, but will certainly eliminate its effects and give you the beauty and power you deserve.

About Aesthetic Medicine and the Natural Look Trend

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