Facial Sculpting with Filler

Facial Sculpting with Filler

אסתטיקה רפואית

Facial appearance can now be treated without surgery. Facial sculpting is a therapeutic treatment that restores your younger look while maintaining your natural contours.

Over the years gravity affects the face, facial freshness is lost, fat is absorbed and the skin looks thinner and more tired. As a result, your face looks older and its contours are no longer defined, a gradual change that may negatively affect your feeling self-confidence. If the signs of age are visible on your skin facial sculpting can reconstruct the structure of your face to accurately fit your needs and the condition of your skin. The treatment will shorten and refresh your face without the need for surgical intervention or recovery time, with results that are achieved quickly and look natural.

In facial sculpting we use the natural materials of your body. The first option is the use of hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturally produced in your body and is used to add volume under the facial skin. Over the years the hyaluronic acid is absorbed, creating depressions under the skin. Facial sculpting fills lost volume in the cheeks, softens deep facial lines and improves the appearance of lips, enlarging them when appropriate. Only a small amount of filler is required to make a significant difference in your appearance. The procedure is suitable for all skin types, and does not cause allergies since the acid is naturally produced by the body and is safe for use.

The second option is to use your own fat taken from a donor area in your body (such as the abdomen or buttocks), injected into the chosen place after purification.

How is facial sculpture performed?

Facial sculpting is a quick procedure that takes from 15 minutes to one hour depending on the number of areas to be treated. First, it is important to diagnose your facial features to locate the areas that need restored volume. A filler will then be injected into the desired area with a thin needle that leaves no marks on the skin. The filler is applied to each layer separately in order to restore the lost volume to each facial layer. You can evaluate the result immediately after each injection, and have additional filler injected if necessary so that the face appears balanced and personalized according to your preference.

What to expect after treatment?

Facial sculpting gives immediate and visible results. You can return to your daily routine immediately after the procedure as it does not involve recovery time or have any side effects. Intensive exercise should be avoided during the first few days after treatment.

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