Facial Sculpting using Threads

Facial Sculpting using Threads

אסתטיקה רפואית

As we get older we lose facial fat tissue that gives the face its volume, support and flexibility. Changes are usually most noticeable in the cheek, eyebrow, jaw, and neck areas and around the eyes. This results in skin that is not tight and looks more saggy. A facial sculpting using threads is designed to reduce the initial signs of aging by moderate stretching in order to provide support for facial muscles and connective tissue. Appearance is thus improved and refreshed without the need for surgery.

How is a facial sculpting performed using threads?

Facial sculpting using threads does not require anesthesia or hospitalization and takes about half an hour. During the treatment the surgeon will use a thin needle to insert the threads under the facial tissue, thereby catching the skin. Since the treatment does not require cuts or sutures it does not leave any scars. The procedure can be used to raise eyebrows and eyelids and treat deep folds between the nose and corners of the mouth or neck tissue.

What to expect after treatment?

After treatment you can quickly resume your normal routine. Swelling or discomfort may occur in the treated areas, but these disappear over time.

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