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The Herbert Samuel Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics was established by three Zionist new immigrants, with the goal of developing an international-quality medical center in Israel that will serve as both a local and an international medical center.

The Founder:

Dr. Igal Lezmi, a senior dentist who lived in France up until about five years ago, made aliyah in order to fulfill his desire to raise his children and develop his business in Israel. Dr. Lezmi has one of the largest dental clinics in Paris and is best known for over 20 years of professionalism and service.

Dr. Charles Bismuth, a senior anesthesiologist, lives in Paris and provides his services to one of the most prestigious aesthetic clinics, “TROCADERO.” Dr. Bismuth will be making aliyah in order to raise his children in Israel and develop his business in the Holy Land.


The Medical Center is professionally managed by industry professionals and accompanied by senior physicians from Israel and abroad.

The Herbert Samuel Center provides advisory services in areas such as plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, oral aesthetics (including oral rehabilitation and orthodontics), plastic gynecology, aesthetic treatments using advanced medical technologies and more.

The founders’ vision in founding the Herbert Samuel Center is to establish a private medical center with international standards in Israel, and to turn the center and Israel into a Jewish medical tourism center. Owing to the location of the center, its activities and distinct design, the center in Israel is unique and prestigious.

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