Advanced Medical Technologies

Advanced Medical Technologies

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Advanced Medical Technologies

The past decade has witnessed a wide-scale technological revolution in advanced aesthetic medical technologies.

With currently available state-of-the-art aesthetics medical devices we can obtain maximum and natural results through stand-alone treatments as well as in combination with plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments.

Advanced aesthetic medical technologies enable us to treat and conceal pigments, capillaries, skin spots, wrinkles, postoperative scars and acne scars, as well as to remove tattoos and more. All of these cannot be treated with surgery or other aesthetic treatments.

At the Herbert Samuel Medical Center our Plastic and Medical Aesthetics department uses the most innovative equipment in the world so that you can enjoy the widest range of treatments, alongside and in combination with plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. With expert physicians in their respective fields, our all-in-one medical center offers you professional service and personal support from the beginning of the process through to its conclusion. You will enjoy optimal results tailored to your unique facial structure.

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