Lesion Removal

Lesion Removal

קלוז אפ - עין

A skin lesion is a condition in which an area of the skin is different than the skin around it. The lesion can manifest as a lump, wound or unusual skin texture. Skin lesions may hurt your self-confidence, cause embarrassment and impair your aesthetic appearance. Using our advanced equipment we can remove lesions and regenerate your skin to give it a smooth, fresh appearance.

How is the treatment performed?

Our advanced equipment enables us to treat the skin tissue effectively, and to accurately control laser intensity and depth in order to remove the lesion and encourage skin regeneration.

What to expect after treatment?

After treatment you may feel warmth similar to that of a sunburn. The skin will peel for seven to ten days as part of its renewal process. It is important to protect the skin and moisten it with nourishing cream in the first few months after treatment. Apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun.

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