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Pigmentation is a buildup of melanin pigment in the skin caused by exposure to the sun or aging, and appears as spots or darkened patches of skin that can vary in size and color.

While pigment spots are harmless, if you have such spots on your skin they probably bother you and cause discomfort. A significant part of feeling beautiful is feeling comfortable with your skin, walking confidently without having to hide the stains. Fortunately, today’s technology enables focused, effective and safe treatment for removing the spots and restoring a youthful and healthy complexion.

How is the treatment performed?

Pigmentation can be treated with laser technology using one of the two main methods depending on your needs:

In the first method the laser beam is absorbed by the accumulation of melanin in the skin pigmentation. Immediately or within several minutes after treatment the pigment will darken and a scab will form. Several days after treatment, depending on the size of the lesion treated, the scab will fall off and reveal new clean skin underneath. This method requires one to three treatments.
In the second method there is no need to heat the pigment in order to remove it. Using the suitable device we release a very short pulse (pico-second) that creates a photovoltaic effect. That is, when the light is absorbed into the tissue most of the optical energy becomes mechanical and only a tiny part becomes heat. As a result the treatment is safer and much less painful.

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