Small / Large Blood Vessel Treatment

Small / Large Blood Vessel Treatment

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Vascular problems can manifest in many ways and have a significant aesthetic effect on the appearance of your skin. Visible blood vessels in the skin also have an emotional effect, especially if they appear on facial skin because they are highly visible and difficult to conceal. Even if they have just appeared on your legs, blood vessels they may influence your choice of clothes for work or the beach. Fortunately, effective blood vessel treatment is available.

If redness appears due to dilated blood vessels on your nose, cheeks, chin, or other parts of your face or body, you may benefit from vascular treatment. Laser treatment is safe and especially effective for treating lesions caused by small or large blood vessels.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment is performed without anesthesia, using a laser beam that selectively creates a desired injury to the lesion until it is eliminated. The laser energy at a specific wavelength is absorbed by the oxymoglobin and destroys the lesion capillary. The pulses are short, and during treatment cool air is applied to the area to minimize discomfort that may be caused. This method requires one to three treatments.

What to expect after treatment?

When it comes to small blood vessels they already disappear during treatment. In the case of large blood vessels, their color will darken and they will disappear within several days. The treatment results are affected by your lifestyle, so that it is important to always protect yourself from the sun and to avoid sun exposure before and during treatment.

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