Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

קלוז אפ - עין

The skin is the body’s largest organ and has an extraordinary ability to expand and contract as needed. Although the skin is strong and supple, its supporting tissue can be damaged if stretched too fast. Stretch marks are actually signs of tearing skin due to a growth spurt. They usually appear in women during pregnancy, but also affect men, women and teenagers. They often appear in periods of growth and body changes such as significant weight gain or loss, extreme muscle building and during adolescence. While they are not physically painful stretch marks can affect your confidence.

How is the treatment performed?

Treatment is customized depending on the color of the marks on your skin. In case of red marks we use a technology that helps blur the appearance of the tears. This common method uses a laser to treat red marks of almost any type, including stretch marks, with a vascular laser used to direct focused heat to the small red blood vessels. If the marks are white, we cause intentional and focused burns. This encourages the body to produce new collagen and elastin cells in order to renew the skin, and as a result will look uniform and homogeneous.

What to expect after treatment?

Treatment of red marks is expected to cause redness of the skin accompanied by porphyria (skin rash), and to disappear after one to two days. In treating white signs, the feeling of heat in the skin is likely to increase after treatment, and cold will be applied to the treated area. The skin may also peel or itch in the first few days after treatment.

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