Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

קלוז אפ - עין

A tattoo is a foreign pigment injected into the skin with a needle. Since it is foreign to the body, the body tries to remove a tattoo with the help of white blood cells, which is the reason tattoos fade and blur over the years. However the body’s immune system has limitations and large particles of color cannot be eliminated on their own. The method used in the past required heating of the pigment in the tattoo in order to remove it, which could leave scars. Today, thanks to the advanced equipment we use at our center, these large particles can be broken up, and when they are smaller the immune system itself can treat and remove the pigment.

How is the treatment performed?

We use an ultra-short pulsed (picoseconds) laser that produces a photo-acoustic effect. This pulse vibrates the pigment in the skin tissue and shatters it into smaller particles. These particles are easily eliminated by natural processes.

What to expect after treatment?

To achieve the desired results 7-12 treatments should be performed, depending on the tattoo’s size and complexity. The tattoo will fade gradually after treatment until disappearing completely.

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