Hymenoplasty - Surgery of the Hymen

Hymenoplasty – Surgery of the Hymen

פלסטיקה גניקולוגית - גוף מעוצב

Hymen restoration and reconstruction

This procedure was originally intended for religious and social cultural population groups that attach the utmost importance to the existence of the hymen on the wedding night. The goal was to protect women from violence and social ostracism, as customary in these societies, and to enable them to reach their wedding night at peace and without fear. Nowadays, the procedure is intended for all women who rupture the virgin membrane during sport (horse riding / cycling), or as a result of tampon insertion, unintentional or accidental insertion of foreign bodies, accidents and trauma in the area that impaired the integrity of the membrane. The surgery is intended for abused women, women who engaged in premarital sex and want to surgically repair a torn hymen before their wedding night for reasons of purity, or in situations where women are born without a hymen in order to create a new virgin membrane.

Opening the hymen

The surgery is intended for girls and women of different ages, who have a particularly thick membrane or structure that partially or completely obstructs the opening of the vagina. In young girls the membrane is sometimes closed from birth and does not allow for menstrual blood to flow. This causes severe pain, and therefore a surgical opening of the membrane is needed to allow the menstrual blood to exit. There are girls with a virgin membrane structure that partially blocks the opening of the vagina (partition) preventing the insertion of tampons. In some cases the membrane is thick and rigid and does not open during sexual intercourse such that intercourse in not possible. These disorders cause significant pain to the woman and dysfunction in daily life and in relationships. A surgical opening is performed in a short procedure, and may significantly alleviate and solve the problem.

How is the surgery performed?

Surgery to open or dissolve the hymen can be performed in complete confidentiality in a fast and simple procedure that does not require hospitalization. It is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the extent of surgery required. Surgery can be performed at any time, but if bleeding is desired on the wedding night, the surgery should be performed 2-3 weeks before the event. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, during which the membrane is sewn by means of delicate stitches that dissolve on their own.

In an operation to open the hymen, the surgeon will cut some or all of the membrane covering the opening of the vagina. The size of the incision depends on your needs and body structure.

What to expect after surgery?

You will remain under observation for about two hours following surgery, after which you can resume routine activities. Local hygiene should be maintained. Showering is recommended beginning on the day after surgery. In surgery to restore the hymen the stitches dissolve on their own and there is no need for a checkup. The membrane will look intact and there will be no scar or any evidence of the procedure. When you have sex for the first time after surgery you will feel the same as with an original virgin membrane.

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