Labioplasty - Repair and Shape Vulva Lips

Labioplasty – Repair and Shape Vulva Lips

פלסטיקה גניקולוגית - גוף מעוצב

Girls and women of different ages often suffer from hypertrophy, asymmetry of the vulva or cleft lip. The deformity may be congenital, or the result of age, damage during birth or an accident, or changes in skin texture and body fat due to weight fluctuation.

Large or asymmetrical lips can cause great discomfort in everyday activities as the result of friction, for example when wearing tight clothing, cycling or during sports activities. The enlarged lip structure may occasionally cause repeated inflammation of the area. Significant lip asymmetry or growth may also interfere with sexual intercourse, impairing body image, decreasing self-esteem and causing frustration. This may lead women to avoid sexual intercourse and create difficulty developing and maintaining relationships. The surgery is recommended if you suffer significant physical or mental distress, and is performed for women of different ages, from young adolescent girls who come accompanied by a parent, young women in their twenties, mothers after childbirth and older women.

How is the procedure performed?

Surgery for correcting and reshaping the vulva lips provides excellent aesthetic and functional results. Before surgery we plan the desired result together with you and you sign an informed consent form. The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of surgery required.

What to expect after surgery?

After surgery you will stay under observation for about 3 hours before being discharged. It is advisable to rest for about 3 days, to wear loose clothing and to maintain hygiene in the area that underwent surgery. Showering is recommended beginning on the day after surgery. It is also recommended to take antibiotics for a week and to apply antibiotic cream to the area, as well as an ointment to relieve the pain. Return to work or school is possible 4-7 days after surgery. During the two weeks following surgery there may be swelling, local discharge and minor pain. Regular painkillers may be taken. Follow-up is performed two weeks and six weeks after surgery. Resuming sexual intercourse and regular exercise is recommended only after 6-8 weeks.

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