Repairing damage following childbirth

Repairing damage following childbirth

פלסטיקה גניקולוגית - גוף מעוצב

During vaginal birth the vaginal area is sometimes damaged by spontaneous ruptures caused by passage of the baby, or by controlled cuts performed proactively by the medical staff in order to facilitate passage of the newborn. Spontaneous tears can occur in the small lips of the clitoris and in the vagina or anus. A controlled cut by the medical staff is usually performed with scissors in the lower right side of the vagina, and the areas affected during labor are sewn in the delivery room by the medical staff. However, postpartum healing is sometimes slow and the result is not always symmetrical and anatomical, which can result in vaginal discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse.

How is the surgery performed?

Surgery to repair damage caused during childbirth is usually performed several months after the birth. Following a personal conversation with you, a detailed examination and evaluation of the damage done, the surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. During surgery emphasis is placed on restoring normal anatomy and maintaining proper vaginal appearance and functioning.

What to expect after surgery?

In most cases you will be asked to rest for several days so that the body can recover. Swelling may appear in the area. It is recommended to wait several weeks before resuming sexual intercourse and tampon use.

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