Vaginoplasty / Perioneoplasty - Vaginal Repair Surgery

Vaginoplasty / Perioneoplasty – Vaginal Repair Surgery

פלסטיקה גניקולוגית - גוף מעוצב

The vagina changes over the years and surgery is sometimes needed to tighten or enlarge the vagina. This is an intimate and private issue, and most women are not inclined to talk about it, but for many the result is frustration, decreased self-confidence and disruption of sexual pleasure and life.

Vaginal tightening surgery

Many women suffer from a wide vagina and loose vaginal walls. This is caused by childbirth, advanced age and weakening of vaginal tissue and muscles. This laxity reduces friction and feeling during intercourse and hampers the pleasure of both partners. This condition can sometimes cause the male genitalia to slip out during sexual intercourse, and at times air comes out accompanied by an embarrassing noise, causing both discomfort and shame. Vaginal expansion and weakness sometimes interferes with the woman’s daily routine, for example a tampon falling out or the retention of tub water and continuous moisture in the vagina. Repair of a wide vagina is achieved by simple surgery where excess mucosa is removed from the vagina and the walls are strengthened.

Vaginal opening surgery

In cases of narrowing or scarring in the vaginal opening due to a congenital or acquired defect, severe pain and discomfort are experienced during intercourse. Surgery to widen the vagina opening may solve this problem.

How is this surgery performed?

The surgery is intended for any woman who feels a change in the structure and sensation of her vagina. The most common recommendation for vaginal tightening is for women who do not plan another pregnancy. Vaginal opening surgery can be performed at any age following diagnosis of the disorder. Surgery lasts about 60 minutes and is performed under local or general anesthesia.

What to expect after surgery?

You can be discharged four hours after surgery. In some cases you may need to be hospitalized for one day after the procedure. Following surgery you should rest at home for 4-7 days before returning to work. Antibiotics should be taken during the recovery period to prevent infection, and pain killers taken as needed. Mild bloody discharge may last one to two weeks after surgery. Full recovery takes up to 8 weeks after which you can return to normal life and enjoyable sexual activity.

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