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If your teeth are damaged or you have lost a tooth, you are probably very embarrassed when your teeth are visible and you may avoid exposing them. Your dental health has a significant effect on your feelings and behavior in public, but that is no reason to stop smiling! Oral rehabilitation is designed to restore the aesthetics, comfort, and functionality of the mouth in cases where teeth are damaged or missing, and to improve the appearance of the mouth in the case of other problems. Rehabilitation is performed through a wide variety of treatment methods including fillings, dentures, dental coatings, root canal treatments, crowns, bridges, implants and gums. Treatments performed in the clinic include:
  1. Zirconia crowns: owing to their durability and natural appearance zirconia crowns made of zirconia oxide and coated with porcelain are very popular and prove an excellent aesthetic solution for oral rehabilitation. These are the strongest crowns for teeth, do not cause allergies and do not irritate the gums or create staining. To precision-fit the crowns to the structure of your mouth the process of building the base of the crown is computerized. Furthermore, the color of the crowns can be matched to fit the color of your natural teeth so that they blend in harmoniously and enhance oral aesthetics. 
  2. Dental implants: This treatment is intended to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are embedded through adhesion or threading into the jaw to look just like your natural teeth, and are a long-term solution. If maintained properly dental implants may last a lifetime. The type and duration of treatment vary greatly depending on your individual condition. To decide on the optimal treatment for you, a dentist performs a clinical examination to determine the most suitable implantation procedure.

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