Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

כירורגיה פלסטית לגוף

Plastic Surgery

True inner beauty is the most important, but external appearance is of significant and decisive importance in modern culture in the 21st century.

Plastic aesthetic surgery combines professional craftsmanship and expertise so that you can feel good and look better.

Plastic surgery addresses an aesthetic need and in most cases improves your body image and self-confidence.

Proper diagnosis and consultation by experienced professionals, experts in their field and attentive to your needs,  provide comprehensive information about the most reliable and appropriate solutions to fit your specific needs, because each of us has a different facial and body structure.

The Herbert Samuel Medical Center offers professional treatments by specialists in all types of plastic surgery, among them breast shaping (including breast augmentation, reduction and lifting), facial shaping and facelifts, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, ear surgery, body shaping using liposuction and belly stretching.

You also deserve to enjoy the benefits of private medicine at the highest level and provided by a professional team of first class physicians, international standard service and personal and attentive care offered at the leading clinics in the world, in Europe, the United States and Brazil.

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