Facial Fat Transplantation

Facial Fat Transplantation

טיפולי פנים

Your facial skin significantly affects your appearance, as your face is the most visible part of your body. With the aging process the face loses its volume, the skin sags and muscles lose their tone, resulting in an appearance that is older, tired and lacks vitality. With modern technology it is easier than ever to improve facial skin appearance by utilizing body fat. The self-fat injection method is a relatively simple way to rejuvenate facial appearance by smoothing wrinkles, restoring volume lost over time and filling facial cavities. It is a safe process with minimal intrusion that provides natural long-term results. In facial fat transplantation fat is taken from certain areas of your body and injected into the desired areas.

How is facial fat transplantation performed?

The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia, and consists of two stages. In the first stage fat is taken from the donor area of your body according to the surgeon’s recommendation (buttocks, abdomen or thighs). in-between the first and second stage a special procedure is conducted to process and “purify” the fat for re-injection”. Through this procedure we obtain stem cells/ platelet rich plasma (PRP) in high concentration in our fat which allows for good absorption of fat and provides long-term results. In the second stage the cleansed self-fat is injected into the selected areas in the face.

What to expect after the procedure?

Recovery from the facial fat transplant procedure is relatively quick, and there is no need for hospitalization. If edema, swelling and redness appear, they are expected to disappear completely within a few weeks, and in most cases you can resume your daily routine shortly after the procedure.

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